In Sickness and in Health

Battling cancer with love, medicine, and the Giver of both.

Fresh Confirmation

Nearing the six month mark after each PET scan finds us excited as well as a bit anxious.  I get excited because it means I get to have another thorough picture of my insides and see what’s going on.  I get anxious because it IS in fact so thorough and I fear what we will find.

Like it or not, the six months rolls around and I find myself walking back into the cancer center.  Last week was such a time.  Again, we really had no major need for concerns.  I’ve been feeling quite fine.  But still.  There’s always that itching I feel every now and then that my mind has somehow managed to detect subconsciously and translate into a general grouchiness.  Often if I find myself a bit distressed or grouchy, I just have to think about whether I’ve been scratching and usually I have been.  Unbelievable.

No matter how well or poor I’ve been feeling, there’s always that ‘hold your breath moment’ about 24 hours later when you get the results.  This time they said, “No evidence of disease.”  I wonder if they know how we hang on every word and remember it for an eternity.  Such blessed words!

We jump up and down and get on our knees to thank Him.  We are so blessed!

This scan was an extra relief because of our plans to move in January.  As we anticipated the results, my mind desperately wanted to go to ‘what ifs’ to figure out worse case scenarios, but mostly I was able to ignore those impulses.  I figured that if God is leading us, He will keep us.  A clear scan just gives us a fresh confirmation of His goodness and His plan.  Praise to Jesus!

We continue to become more and more excited about our plans for Israel.  I am amazed at the doors that swing open as soon as we step up to make the next move.  I’m waiting for a glitch but it just doesn’t come.  The other evening we went luggage shopping.  All of our worldly goods (minus some stored boxes) must needs fit into four suitcases besides carry-ons.  Which means we need size large.  And although this is not a NEED, the spinner luggage always makes us drool and turn varying shades of green.  So…we entered Kohl’s armed with great expectations.  We found the luggage section and began our search.  I was surprised to find that most luggage now seems to be of the spinner kind.  Cool!  They were 50% off.  Cool again!  They were also above our ‘price range’ even at half price.  Not so cool.  But of course that was a high caliber ‘Samsonite’ brand.  To invest or not to invest.  We decided to wait and possibly buy online.  We walked up to the front to purchase a coat that Josh needed.  As we were checking out, the cashier ‘dangled’ in front of us the tantalizing discount that comes from signing up to a Kohl’s Charge Card.  Ah yes, okay, why not.  It saved us $40.  Then he told us about the additional perk for signing up: a 30% discount on any further purchases made that day.  “Uh, sir, could we maybe look around a bit more?”  We raced back to those Samsonite…50% off…spinner bags, now magically reduced to 80% off.  We delightedly whisked them off the shelf and rolled them up to the front to secure our deal.  I felt quite smug.  I have this feeling that Kohl’s did too although I’m not enough of an economist to know why.  I thought we got the good end of the deal.

Don’t tell me God doesn’t care about luggage needs and wants, even the Samsonite spinner kind.