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Feathers and Fluff Cont’d.

on July 31, 2014

Well, it seems that I missed some key gifts very relevant to my fluff-ball mascots.

1. As Marie reminded me, my very dear and very wonderful man gave me a special gift during my transplant.  I have to disagree, Marie… I was not a beautiful bride at the time, at least outwardly, which makes my husband even nobler.  I was a hairless, puffy, drugged up woman.  He’s my hero for loving me through all that!!

Here it is — my precious bird cage:











You may remember me talking about this picture holder.  Its the one given to me in my very spacy week in the hospital.  The one that a few days later had me stumped as to who gave it.  That one.  It is now hanging in my kitchen and is filled with all our nieces and nephews, minus one. 😦  Josh and April’s Jackson is not present.  But believe me, he’s as cute as they come.

2. A very special gift from my favorite sister.







This little guy with his important message sits in my living room.  He’s been there ever since I received him.  Shari gave this to me during my first rounds of treatment if I remember right.

These two gifts were given even before birds held special significance to me.  Funny how retroactive God can be sometimes.

This makes me think I’m probably missing some other very important gift, so if you are the giver, please enlighten me.

3 responses to “Feathers and Fluff Cont’d.

  1. Rach Eicher says:

    Just stopping by to wish you a very happy 30th Birthday! Hope this next year is full of many memorable moments 🙂

  2. Elisabeth says:

    I love sparrows, especially when I’m in Israel. They remind me, over and over, that my heavenly Father sees me. And hey, I commented over at Shari’s blog about saying hi while you’re overseas. Feel free to contact me by email!

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