In Sickness and in Health

Battling cancer with love, medicine, and the Giver of both.

Hello…anybody home?

It’s been awhile.

We are home…

Although for all you know we’ve been visiting the moon.

Ever since yesterday afternoon, I’ve been longing to write this.  Earlier this week on Tuesday, I drug myself out of bed and headed off to do another routine PET Scan.  Just yesterday we heard from my doctor who reviewed it and said the scan is completely normal.

Completely normal.  Two incredible words!  They produced a string of “awesome’s” from my husband right there on the phone with the nurse.  I was in the neighboring room and felt a wave of relief wash over me.

We are thanking Jesus up and down.

I suppose I will always feel a nervous tension every time I do a scan, but it IS getting easier.  Thankfully!