In Sickness and in Health

Battling cancer with love, medicine, and the Giver of both.


Thanks to all of you who were praying for me.  Yesterday, chemo day, I was feeling pretty miserable as Josh indicated in the last post.  I just tipped my chair back at that infusion center and rested as my nurse quietly pumped those drugs in me.  But thank God my cough and ticklish throat are virtually non-existent today.  And my upset stomach?  Well…I don’t think it had much chance what with all the anti-nausea stuff bombarding it on chemo day plus the steroids they have me on these days.  My appetite is back in full force!

For awhile now I’ve been wanting to post about some other miracles and since I’m on a praise post I’ll have at it.  Let me tell you of two specific prayer requests that have been answered in full:

1. Someone mentioned that my eyebrows and lashes are still intact.  That’s right, folks!  When my hair started coming out it was a terrifically sad day and days to follow.  Around that same time I also noticed that my eyebrows and lashes were loosening.  Oh no!  Not those!  I decided that was one thing I was gonna ask the Lord to keep.  “Lord,” I prayed, “I’m losing my hair.  So can’t I just keep one thing in the midst of all this loss?  Please let me keep my brows and lashes!”  And I prayed mightily over those things.  As time passed, I noticed they had tightened up and to this day I still have them.  “Thanks God!”  I’m dancing.

2. At the very beginning of all this mess, before I started chemo, I continuously prayed this prayer:  “God, I just want to feel good on chemo!  I can lose my hair, but I just want to feel good physically!”  An audacious request perhaps.  No one is supposed to feel good on chemo.  I guess in my mind I meant relatively good…just to be safe. 🙂  I was also asking God not to be hospitalized during this whole ordeal.  After the first round I thought I was gonna die.  “Hmmmm…where is the answer to this request?” I wondered.  I wasn’t anywhere near feeling relatively good.  Guess God didn’t want to answer it my way after all.  I was wrong!  The second treatment contrasted with the first like night and day.  And every treatment so far seems to get a little better (minus this last one with the virus).  The way I understand it, chemo isn’t really supposed to operate that way.  Yes, there are benefits to having more treatments under your belt (you learn more and more how to deal with side effects) but typically a body gets worse as the drugs wear it down a little more with each round.  My first week and a half after the treatments are still only relatively good.  I have my good days and I have my bad days.  But sometimes, my last half week before going for the next round, I’ll find myself thinking, “Wow!  I think I’m feeling better than when I started chemo.”  Forget this relatively good stuff then!

All this is vulnerable to be saying.  My doubtful mind says, “You aren’t at the end of the story yet! Your cute little answers to prayer might not last.”  I allow myself a smirk inside.  I figure that if God kept me this far, He can take me the rest of the way.



That’s right. Jean has the sixth dose of chemo drugs swimming in her veins and infiltrating her cells. It feels good to be at the halfway point, but my goodness has it only been 3 months?

We went to the infusion center a bit worried about Jean not being up to the treatment. She’s been struggling with a virus of some kind which causes dry coughing fits of almost biblical proportions as well as some upset stomach. Her counts were good, though, so we went ahead with treatment. (Whew). The coughing hasn’t been quite as bad today, so we’re hoping the bug is on its way out. We would rather battle only one thing at a time, please.

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More hats???

Yeah…hang onto your britches folks, there are more hats. Three more and then I think I caught them all.

This one is from Juanita.  Thank-you friend.  I hardly know you, but I was tickled when you walked up to me with this hat!







And this one…well.  I got two of them in the mail!! 🙂  One from Becca and one from Karli.  So, a double thank-you.







And this one comes from Laban, Angeline, and Claire.  And I think from their dogs too.  At least they modeled it.  Hilarious!







And now you all know that I have a lot of hats and a very teal dress.


Guess what? More hats

Well…my negligence is ever before me.  I missed posting yesterday cause I felt awful.  I think it must have been a slight stomach bug of some kind.  I slept most of the day.

We forgot to mention… The hat in the picture of our Anniversary Day post is from Lisa Miller.  Thanks Lisa.  That’s my only one with a floral pattern and I like it.

Here are two I bought with money that Heather Martin gave me.  Thank-you Heather.






And here are two that I bought with money that Dave and Vonnie Nisly gave.  The expressions show my gratitude. 🙂






And here is one from my Uncle Galen and Aunt Debbie.  They brought it all the way from Sydney, Australia!!


Pink, Gray, and Butterflies


Compliments of Susie Stoll!  This is the one that my niece, Kelly, claimed when she was here.  But she always wore it backwards or to the side cause the bill got in her way.  Smart kid!











And another just like it in design from Amy (Gingerich) Troyer.  This is the one that Kelly claimed for my husband… 🙂








And this one is from Emily Shafer.   The design doesn’t show up very well on the pic but it has multi-colored butterflies on the side.  Very cool!

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…a year ago. (Feels like a flash and a lifetime.)












Ok…so I’m getting tired of seeing myself and probably you all are too.  I have LOTS of hats and it’s taking too long to post them all individually, so I’m gonna do several at a time.

Here’s one from my only, and I might add…favorite sister. 😉  Thanks Sis!







And here is another bucket hat from Josh and April.  If there would be a caption, it would definitely read, “Chemo Brain!”  Ghastly!  I can hardly look at it myself.







Honestly, I’m getting sick of wearing hats!  I just want my hair back.  Waaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Insert: temper tantrum!

I can joke about it (thank God for those times) but there are also times I weep for what I can’t have.  Either that or I throw my hat across the room in a rage and demand to understand the unfairness of this life.


Hat of the Day #5

These are fresh from the mail!  Just received them today in a box from Coleen and Katina.  Thank-you, Ladies!  They are awesome.


Hat of the Day #4

This is a beautiful hat from Naomi Schrock, who is a fellow soldier in this crazy cancer world. Thanks, Naomi!

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Hat of the Day #3

Beware!  Some of these pics are a little goofy. This is my bucket hat from Josh and April.