In Sickness and in Health

Battling cancer with love, medicine, and the Giver of both.

First post

on March 21, 2012

In order to keep our many friends and relations updated, we are starting this blog. More details forthcoming.

5 responses to “First post

  1. Matt Gingerich says:

    Just want to let you all know that I’m praying for y’all. much love,

  2. Great idea… this is a wonderful way for us to be involved with you’lls lives!

  3. Dorothy Yutzy says:

    Just today found your blog, thanks for all the info. My thoughts have been with you so often since we first heard about you, Jean. I am praying for you and am blest to hear your positive attitude in all this. I of course am alone with this info for Grandpa cannot comprehend what all is going on as it is very hard anymore to explain anything to him. He does alot of sleeping day or night. I will be following your progress all the way.

    Much Love Grandma

  4. Diane Schum says:

    Jean & Josh,

    Praying always. Your thumbs up photo is making my week! God is good and is over us all.

    Much Love, Diane & Guy

  5. Debbie Overholt says:

    Hi Jean. Just to let you know you are in our prayers, We have been out of the loop on our Australia trip but we are so glad to be back in our home stomping grounds. Debbie showed me you website. We will continue to keep tab on you. Keep looking to the giver of life, He is faithfull.

    Galen & Debbie….

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